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2009 Hong Kong mulberry hemp award presentation ceremony held in Shanghai Donghua University

2020/12/16      view:
On November 6, the Sangma foundation of Hong Kong, which aims to promote the development of China's textile technology and education, held the 2009 annual award ceremony at Donghua University. Du Yuzhou, President of China Textile Industry Association and Wang Tian, vice president Kai, chairman of the Hong Kong mulberry hemp foundation, Mr. Ji Guobiao, Mei Ziqiang, Yu Mingfang, Zhou Xiang, sun Jinliang, Jiang Shicheng and Yao mu, the trustee of Hong Kong Sangma foundation, the responsible person of relevant departments in Shanghai, and the leaders and experts of Donghua University, Beijing Institute of fashion, Tianjin University of technology, Zhejiang University of technology, Xi'an University of technology and other relevant units More than 300 people attended the conference. Wang Tiankai, trustee of Hong Kong mulberry hemp foundation and vice president of China Textile Industry Association, announced the award results of 2009 Hong Kong mulberry hemp award. Tianjin University of technology Jiao Yanan won the first prize in 5 projects, including "development of 3D braided carbon fiber preform for composite composite support"; and 11 projects including "localization of PTFE short fiber filter material series" by Borg environmental protection and Liu Shuping won the second prize. After the award ceremony, a high-level academic exchange was held in accordance with the Convention.